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*There are 3 tracks. Please read the description carefully before choosing a track as there will not be a level check/audition. If you are unsure please contact us for some advice.

You need a sign-up partner (same level, opposite role) to register, but in the workshop, we rotate partners just like a normal class.


Lindy Hop Experience: As a guideline at least 3 months of Lindy Hop classes

Track hours: At least 4 hours of classes

You are falling in love with the magic of Lindy Hop! This might be your first festival. You know triple steps and kick steps, and you are coming to grips with the basics of this dance called Lindy Hop and feel a full weekend immersed in swing is just the way to push things forward.


Lindy Hop Experience: As a guideline at least 1 year of Lindy Hop classes and social dancing.

Track hours: At least 6 hours of classes

You are hooked and hungry for more! You enjoy social dancing and may have started to attend weekend festivals and workshops. You know a triple step from a kick step and are enjoying the call and response of lead and follow in the dance. You have begun to experiment with different rhythms and shapes and are eager to add some personal polish to them.


Lindy Hop Experience: Regularly dancing Lindy Hop for at least 3 years and over. 

Track hours: At least 6 hours of classes

Lindy Hop has become part of your life. Swing outs, Texas Tommy, Tandem Charleston, and rhythm variations are a core part of your repertoire.  You understand lead and follow dynamics and easily recognise and respond to your partner's suggestions. You are aware of your own body mechanics and how they change and affect you and your partner's dancing.  You attend weekend workshops in Ireland or abroad and are placed amongst the higher levels. 

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