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Full workshop pass holders will receive 6 hours of classses.*

*There will not be any audition/level check, so please read the description carefully before choosing a track. If you are unsure please contact us for some advice.

Improver/ Intermediate Track

Lindy Hop Experience: As a guideline approx 6 months to a year of Lindy Hop classes

You are hooked and hungry for more! You know a triple step from a kick step, and you are coming to grips with the basics of this dance called Lindy Hop, and you have started to attend some social dances. Don't worry if you haven't taken any Solo Jazz classes, you've probably been doing some Solo Jazz in your class warm-ups!

Intermediate/ Advanced Track**

Lindy Hop Experience: Regular dancing of at least 1 year and over. 


**This track may be split into two depending on the experience level and number of registrants.

Swing Out, Tandem Charleston and Texas Tommy are a core part of your repertoire.

You also know that there is nothing basic about a 'basic'.

You are aware of your own body mechanics and how they influence both your partnered and solo dancing. You are comfortable changing Rhythms, improvising, and also with various tempos both super fast and slow!

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