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The Pulse
Terms and Conditions

By registering or attending the event, you agree to the following

terms and conditions:

Registration for Full Weekend Passes will only be complete and confirmed when both parties sign up and pay within the time-frame set out in our confirmation email (2 weeks of registering).

Once you book and pay for your place we cannot offer any refunds. However if for any reason you cannot make the event, you are welcome to try to sell your pass (same role, same level), and it is your responsibility. Just let us know by email in advance so our records are correct for registration.

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances get in the way – flights can be canceled, venues can close, teachers get injured etc… Swing Dance Cork reserves the right to change the schedule for the event should needs dictate.


A Health and Safety audit will be completed for the event whereby appropriate measures will be taken to reduce all known risks at third-party venues.


Swing Dance Cork is not responsible for personal belongings during the event. We ask that you take care of your personal health and safety during the event. If you feel unwell at any stage let us know. Please feel free to take a break/ get some water, and rejoin the class when you are feeling better.


An official photographer hired by Swing Dance Cork will be present at the event. We hope you won’t be shy but if you do not wish to be in a photo please do let one of us or the photographer know. We cannot obviously take care of non-official photos/videos that people like to take with their phones. If you plan to bring large photo equipment and take photos at the event please contact us in advance.


Swing dancing is an energetic and expressive dance, accidents can happen. Should you bump into another person during your dance please, stop check that they are ok, and apologise.

Air Steps or Aerials are not permitted on the social dance floor. You risk injury to yourself, your dance partner, and other people. These should be constrained for performances that should have the consent of all parties.


Any inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable at Swing Dance Cork events. Swing Dance Cork reserves the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave at any stage. Warnings may or may not be given depending on the circumstances.

Group Discount


The minimum group size is 4 leaders & 4 followers, it can be more but not less.

The group can be a mix of levels but each couple must be of the same level, e.g. 1 couple book Intermediate/Advanced and 3 couples book Improver/Intermediate.


Create a group name e.g. Galway on Tour

Each person registers individually but must enter the group name in the comment section of the registration form.


Each person in the group must register and pay within 2 weeks.


If the group fails to complete registration/payments as a whole then the full price will apply (as if you booked individually) and will become due.

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