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Uxue and Gerard

Gerard an Uxue

Swing music has power... the power to move your feet and make travel to another era and world. "

If you were lucky enough to catch  The Pulse last year you know what a treat Uxue and Gerard are.


Jetting in from Barcelona both of them are dedicated to Lindy Hop and  Authentic Jazz and teaching and performing has become their way of life.

Their core philosophy of swing dance?

"Keep the music as soul and use the technique as a tool." 


With more than 10 years of teaching, they have shared their knowledge and passion with hundreds of students, drawing on their extensive backgrounds in; Lindy Hop, Tango, Ballroom, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Contemporary Dance.


Diana and Guillaume

Diana was a firm favourite with students when she taught in Cork back in 2019 and we are delighted she is returning for this year's Pulse!

Diana is a dancer and instructor from Vienna. She is
a social dancer at heart and has been competing
and teaching internationally for 10 years. She is all
about sharing her endless vitality and charm on
and off the dance floor.


The dynamics of Lindy Hop as well as the idea of energetic social dancing with strong partner connection form the fundament of her dancing.

Developing a sensibility for your own body, as well as that of your dance partner, and a playful approach to
musicality are the top ingredients of both her
individual style and her classes. As a teacher, she
hopes to inspire others by helping students tap
into their own resources through exercises around
creativity and self-awareness.


This will be Guillaume's first time teaching in Ireland and we know he will receive a warm Cork welcome!


Guillaume discovered Lindy Hop in Paris in 2013 and then went to  Montreal (Canada) to be trained by the award-winning Studio 88 (SAF).

Guillaume has taught regularly in several countries; Czech Republic (Brno) for the Swing Wings school, Swing Busters and Zig Zag (Prague), in Austria (Vienna) for the schools 'Some Like it Hot' and 'IG Hop'.

He regularly trains and travels to different swing events teaching, performing, and social dancing his love and his passion for dance and music.

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